Late Rahul Singh, son of Mr. K.N. Singh (Chairman), Founder Secretary of HOWRAH ST. JOHN'S HIGH SCHOOL, 12, Hardutt Rai Chamaria Road, Howrah 711 101, was young and energetic man. His visionary to develop the school was vast. His intention was to provide various facilities and opportunities so that our students may hone their skills and maximize their potential. His intention was to spread education in all corners of our state and other states. 
Mr. R.K. Sing's intention was very clear, he wanted that Howrah St. John's scholar would avail modern technique of education and excel in all sphere. he wanted to provide Smart Class Room, well equipped Laboratory, Computer Laboratory with modern facilities, well decorated class rooms and difference facilities for outdoor & indoor games. He always wanted to form a group of educated faculty members who would nurture the students with high standard of education.
He was dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in his chosen field. Neither would he compromise with standard nor with the values by which  he lead the school by being a true leader. His persona-lity as Secretary forced others to respect him. His compassion towards students, teachers & staff members was praise worthy. His strong sense of self worth and confident to take on challenges was appreciable. He never discriminated the students on the basis of religion and his love and affection for all religions had made him popular amongst all stakeholders.

He is no more with us but his vision which he had left behind will inspire the management to fulfill the same and develop the school in every sphere.
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